Broken Twill Weave by Jonathan Olivares

Broken Twill Weave is an upholstery textile designed by Jonathan Olivares. It features a precise herringbone structure and a versatile selection of colourways inspired by an experimental house in Mexico that he is building. Made from durable post-consumer recycled material, Broken Twill Weave has a full-bodied, robust structure and is produced in a way that ensures meticulous colour accuracy. Due to the textile’s high Martindale rating, it is suitable for virtually all commercial and residential applications. Many of the colours for Broken Twill Weave reference elements of the landscape surrounding the experimental house. Due to this colour concept, Broken Twill Weave can be used as camouflage for the house by blending it into its surroundings. In performing this function, the textile will act as a bridge between architecture and nature.

Find an overview of the selected colours with a minimum of 1000 metres in stock, guaranteed, below.