New Kvadrat Rugs by Hella Jongerius

A selection of new and updated rugs by Hella Jongerius for Kvadrat Rugs is set to stimulate senses.

Created through a combination of manually and mechanically spun yarns, Bold represents a union of past and present with its fusion of techniques and subtle irregularity. Welcoming two new variations of the design, Bold Block and Bold Melange, along with a new palette of ranging from turmeric to an earthy brick red, Bold continues to define warmth and tactility.

Guided by the idea that contrast can and should be complimentary, Duotone’s elegance derives from its apparent simplicity. Using only two colours – one for the weft and one for the warp – shades which might otherwise be in opposition, are combined with varied densities of yarn to create a unique identity.

Hand-knit from pure New Zealand wool, Haven references the joyful aesthetic and meticulous construction of an antique Chinese money bag.