Opening conversations, closing the loop

Respect for nature has always colored how we do things at Kvadrat. So has curiosity and enthusiasm for the innovation that follows it. Today, with the need to reconsider the way we design, produce and consume more pressing than ever, we are building on these values to push the boundaries of sustainable and circular textile design.

Focused on the consistent development of new, sustainable products, we seek to instill circular thinking into every aspect of our operations. This starts with considering ‘waste’ as a valuable resource and extends to conception, sourcing, design, production, use and after-life scenarios. Durability is another key criterion for us as we in the respect of resource availability seek to make long-lasting products that creates value in people’s lives and create aesthetic spaces for decades. The longer our products are utilized, the less average impact per year in its life cycle.

Drawing from deep roots in sustainable design culture
We also build on our Danish heritage as we investigate new ways to support a circular economy. Denmark is world-leader in this area and Kvadrat’s CEO, Anders Byriel, took part in defining the goals for the Danish Advisory Board for Circular Economy. These deal with the creation of an optimal framework for conversion to circular activities – and the economic opportunities these bring.

Reflecting this, for many years, the Kvadrat collection has included pioneering textiles that unite minimized environmental impact, outstanding craftsmanship and functional performance. For instance, Revive 1, launched in 2014, is a circular textile: made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, it supports the reduction of plastic waste, is recyclable and has a minimized environmental impact compared to virgin polyester textiles.

Innovating textiles, breaking new frontiers
More recently, as new technologies have emerged and our conversations around circular thinking have deepened, we have added further innovative, sustainable designs to the Kvadrat collection. Re-wool, Patio and our partnership with Really not only raise important questions about how we manage resources; they also open new dialogues about the usage of textiles.