Nothing added

Our Molly textile is a celebration of the natural qualities of 100% undyed wool. With nothing added, the beauty of the raw material is allowed to shine.

The traditional processes of manufacturing wool have changed remarkably little for centuries. The reason these methods have proven so enduring is largely because of the efficiency and quality of  the raw material itself. The simplicity and honesty of the raw material is revealed and celebrated in Molly: The palette is pleasingly natural; we make use of the inherent colour of the wool, derived from white and black sheep, to create pattern and tone. 

Subsequently there is a natural colour variation from batch to batch, but we think it adds to Molly's charm. Only the natural qualities of the carefully blended New Zealand and Norwegian wool are needed to produce a high quality, strong, soft material. 

Molly is produced at Wooltex, one of Kvadrat’s longest standing partner suppliers. 

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