Florian Hecker has included Kvadrat Soft Cells in his work Formulations, where he dramatizes space with sound pieces. He has previously integrated the acoustic panels into his work on the occasion of the prestigious Prize of the Nationalgalerie 2015 at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin.

His exhibition at MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt presents seventeen works for one of which Florian Hecker worked with Kvadrat Soft Cells. The acoustic panels allow a play on sound but also complement the visually very minimal and in architectural terms extremely precise composition.

Florian Hecker’s installations, performances and publications revolve around the subjective dimension of sound. The focus of Hecker’s conceived acoustic environments is the process of hearing itself, with its physiological and psychological properties. His work challenges expectations and habits of perception in the context of the reception of contemporary art. With his constellation of arti cial sound objects, Hecker builds upon the conventions of compositional development of post-war modernism, electro-acoustic music and conceptual art all at the same time.

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