Larry Bell at Dia Beacon

Curated by Alexis Lowry, this exhibition at Dia Beacon brings together Larry Bell´s selected works: from the early sculptures to the newest artworks conceived for the Dia Art Foundation collection. A leading figure in the Californian Light and Space movement, since the 1960s, Bell has explored the interaction among light, colours, and volumes focusing on glass as the main medium of art.

The artist early sculptures focused on geometric objects made of colored glass and placed on a translucent pedestal, giving the spectator the impression of those objects to be floating in the space. The artwork is not the object per se, but its interaction with the environment surrounding it, as well as the light and its refraction on the sculpture. In 1965, Bell started experimenting both with increasing the size of the geometric volumes and with layering different glass panels, his attention shifting to color appearance and animating the glass surface with metal particles.

Over more than a decade of active artistic production, Bell has explored the possibilities of glass as a medium extensively, investigating the perceptual experience of sculptural shapes and colours interaction with light.


Dia Beacon
3 Beekman Street, Beacon, New York
10 am–5 pm
Closed Saturday, May 21

About Dia Art Foundation

Dia was established in 1974 with the mission to serve as a conduit for artists to realize ambitious new projects, uncurbed by the limitations of more traditional museums and galleries. In addition to Dia Beacon, Dia Bridgehampton, and Dia Chelsea, Dia maintains and operates a constellation of commissions, long-term installations, and site-specific projects. 

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