Pelargonie by Tina Ratzer

Courthouse Holbæk, Denmark, 2012

In 2012, Kvadrat sponsored the textiles for a canvas-weaving artwork crafted by Danish designer Tina Ratzer for the courthouse at Holbæk, Denmark. The artwork, which is entitled ‘Pelargonie’, takes the form of a patchwork flower in a flowerpot, set against the white wall of the building’s foyer. It is created through a combination of painting and pictorial weaving: whilst the flowerpot is painted onto the wall, squares of various stretched fabric strips make the flower itself. Consequently, it has distinctive pixelated look.

Stretched horizontally or vertically, the fabric strips that comprise the flower are set onto a large frame, which slightly sticks out of the wall. All 30 cm wide, they are made from a diverse assortment of Kvadrat, fannyaronsen and Maharam textiles, including: Pause, Divina, Hallingdal and Steelcut Trio. Importantly, the artwork, which fills an entire wall, is closely integrated with architecture of the building: it projects a feeling of space, follows the lines of the staircase it overlooks, and its fabric strips precisely match the width of the tiles used to cover the floor.

The artwork also reflects, and helps to define, the character of the courtroom: its unpretentious expression is a reference to the ‘everyday’ lives of the people who use the building. Furthermore, whilst appropriately serious for a courtroom, the work is also bright, naturally themed and positive, and therefore helps to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Tina Ratzer: “I have chosen to work with the flower motif. Flower signals life and nature. It is easy, open and happy in its form.