François Dumas | Knapsack

Designer François Dumas has taken the felted, blanket-like qualities of the Divina textile as the starting point for his chair. By rolling and folding the different elements of upholstery together, he has succeeded in creating a comfortable seat without the need for traditional binding techniques like staples or stitches. Instead the piece has been produced as efficiently as possible, using leather belts to tighten the fabric and attach it to an aluminium structure.

François Dumas is a French designer based in Amsterdam. After studying in France and working for a year at the Bouroullec brothers’ studio in Paris, he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009. His work has been shown in various exhibitions since he won the prestigious Villa Noailles’s Design Parade grand prize in 2010 with his project Sealed chair. Following this award, he was also invited to collaborate with clients such as Camper and Sèvres Cité de la Céramique. In 2012, he co-created Krux Amsterdam, a large multidisciplinary workspace where he curates a group of creative residents and initiates design workshops with cultural institutions and industrial partners.