A curled bouclé fabric, Elle drapes and curves around furniture like an elegant designer coat. The spun bouclé yarn created by blending wool, viscose and acrylic gives the surface a soft tactility. During the subsequent dying the yarns take the colour differently, creating captivating shifts within the same tones. This effect and a slight sheen from the acrylic blend bring life to the voluminous textured bouclé surface. Elegant neutrals range from oyster, coffee, pearl white, light ivory and caramel to cactus green, concrete grey, nutmeg, mud brown and ink. Taking cues from fashion, brighter contrast colours are sunset orange, rust, plum and aqua.



A matt melange bouclé with an elegant sheen, Ecriture upholsters beautifully with an organic rich texture and a cosy comfortable feel. Made with a dobby loom, the fabric combines shiny, matt and chenille yarns to create a surface reminiscent of grains of rice with speckles from the shiny warp yarn. The colours are influenced by ceramic glazes, ranging from powdery rose pink, silver blue and lemon grass to chalky rice, stone grey, oyster grey, ivory and snow white. Deeper rustic hues of moss green, golden olive, warm sand, dark taupe, burnt umber and coffee are offset by golden yellow and turquoise. Evergreen basics include charcoal, midnight navy, burgundy red and steel grey.


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