Ame by Teruhiro Yanagihara

Ame is an upholstery textile designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara that embodies longevity and mindful reuse in its construction and aesthetic.

It is the first Kvadrat textile woven with recycled polyester made entirely from textile waste, and features a design inspired by Sashiko, a traditional Japanese mending technique.

Ame showcases the potential of textile-to-textile recycled polyester. It offers the same level of performance as virgin polyester and is recyclable. Woven with two yarns of different thicknesses, Ame features a rhythmic micro pattern, imitating Sashiko hand-stitching.

Sashiko, a Japanese word meaning “small stitches”, is a form of functional embroidery used in Japan to repair worn textiles. This pattern is further emphasised by the use of two contrasting colours for the stitching thread and the base.

Textile-to-textile recycled polyester

Textile-to-textile recycled polyester is crafted from textile waste and offers the same performance as virgin polyester. The textile waste is first collected, sorted, and shredded, before being recycled using a depolymerization technology. It is then purified from any chemicals and dyes, repolymerised into polyester chips and spun into yarn. This circular process closes the loop within the textile lifecycle.

“I felt that the Japanese philosophy of not throwing away items and instead using them beautifully for a long time was in line with the characteristics of Ame. I focused on layering colours and adapting the delicate precision of Sashiko to modern weaving techniques."

Teruhiro Yanagihara

Drawing upon Teruhiro Yanagihara’s wider research into the textiles and techniques that travelled the Silk Road, and their impact on traditional Japanese textiles, the poetic palette for Ame specifically references the art of Kasane no Irome – “Colours of Layers”. During the Heian era, members of the imperial court combined different coloured layers of kimono to reflect their rank and the changing hues
of the seasons.

Ame’s innovative composition and warm character make it ideal for offices, hospitality venues, and private spaces that seek to offer an uplifting ambience.