Fredrikson Stallard | Hallingdal Table

Curated by Tord Boontje

Fredrikson Stallard have chosen to use Hallingdal 65 as a structural element in the design for a low table. The fabric is tightly rolled to make a solid form – a finished structure that is reminiscent of a tree trunk section with its concentric rings laid down through the passing of time. The designers draw attention to the fact that, like wood, the Hallingdal fabric is essentially constructed from fibres. By packing these fibres sufficiently tightly it can transform into a solid material, yet still maintain a sensual, soft, and very human surface quality.

A showstopping cerulean blue is used as a deliberate departure from the natural colours of wood, and a reminder that the piece was created from dyed fabric. In doing so, the piece instead acquires a visual link to ripples in water.

The Hallingdal Table is bound using an industrial ratchet strap with a 24-karat gold plated buckle, which matches its three gold feet. With this considered use of contrasting materials, the table’s industrial aesthetics and utilitarian nature are elevated, and the whole becomes a precious and elegant piece of furniture.

Frederikson Stallard is one of the leading exponents of British avant-garde furniture and product design. The company was started by two graduates of London’s Central Saint Martins College: British Ian Stallard and Swedish Patrik Frederikson. Together, they develop cutting edge, conceptually rigorous and technically excellent work. This combines simple surface narratives of great graphical clarity with underlying themes of opulence and sensual darkness.