Entering HQ

Together with the welcome scents of coffee and woodsmoke, visitors’ first experience of Kvadrat is the inviting upholstery of seats by the fireplace, and the soft blue curtains of a neighbouring room with views onto the garden. Wooden vitrines exhibit inspiration materials relating to the company’s latest projects, and curtains act as soft doorways to the adjacent meeting rooms.

To the right of the entrance, the existing double storey tower houses management, HR and project rooms, with a flexible ‘Business Club’ providing a home-away-from-home for colleagues visiting from Kvadrat’s global offices. On the ground floor, curtains, rugs and upholstery pick up green tones from the surrounding landscape: on the first floor, blue accents, echoing the sky, predominate.


Communal spaces

Always the social heart of the site, the communal space of the existing canteen was extended into a new library area with a long table that can be curtained off for dining or meeting, soft seating areas, and quiet workspaces look out onto the landscape through floor to ceiling windows.

The two storeys of the south wing of the headquarters house an open plan studio for design development, and associated departments. Besides a product library and curtained video conference rooms, the south wing offers meeting rooms with dramatic windows directly onto the warehouse, creating a visual link between the design team and the finished product.

Photo credits: Ed Reeve,  Gilbert McCarragher, and Jan Søndergaard.

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