Monotypes Collection 2020

Reduce to reveal. Let the true nature of material speak for itself.

The Monotypes collection by Kinnasand expresses the beauty of pure compositions made of 100 % circular materials. Wool. Hemp. Lyocell. Recycled polyester.


Monotypes modulates the signature characteristics of these materials through a puristic yet refined approach towards manufacturing processes and finishes. Materiality does not just shape the design – it is the design.

Precise weaving constructions reflect the individual essence and cellular architecture of each mono-material. A woollen sablé, with natural mélange yarns, mirrors how wool looks under a microscope, while a graphic, net-like leno weave references the rhythmic manufacturing of recycled polyester.

Yarns exclusively developed for Monotypes, ranging from high-torsion to twisted moulinées and alternating slub yarns, highlight the specific material and drape properties. In parallel, dyed and non-dyed yarns combine to express lively and true natural notes.

On another level of modularity, Monotypes journeys into material dimensions through a scale of transparencies from translucent to opaque. Spirited dynamics between colours and weaves further explore the origins of the materials, and the poetic associations they provoke.

The collection’s colour palette flows from light pigments and weathered shades to organic nuances and tones infused with the ethereal freshness of air and water. Modified primary colours add edge and depth, evoking the vibrancy of the man-made source material.

curtains: Float, Torsion; rug: Cascade

curtains: Repeat, Nomen, Coastland, Highland, Floating; rug: Lavo

Monotypes also investigates the materials’ personalities by elevating tactile properties. To sensual effect, the designs in the collection accentuate the warmth of wool, the crispness of hemp, the softness of lyocell, and the smooth coolness of recycled polyester.

Ultimately, the Monotypes collection transforms the raw spirit of circular materials, opening up an inspiring source of infinite combinations. It reshapes our sensory perception of interior spaces.

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