Bola – Michel Charlot (Portugal)

A bold, symmetrical sphere clad in Uniform Melange by Kvadra Febrik - Bola by Swiss industrial designer Michel Charlot is a playful form that takes advantage of the unique material properties of knitted textiles. Charlot sought to create an efficient, intuitive form, whose dimensions are dictated by the width of the rolls that Kvadrat Febrik textiles are produced in. Bola’s shape celebrates the pliability of knitted textiles, which can easily mould to cover both simple and complex geometric forms. The sphere is dressed in a simple two-piece pattern in contrasting hues that highlight the elemental geometry of the piece.


Malmö Upcycling Service (M.U.S) is a Sweden-based design studio that inspires and challenges practitioners to work more sustainably. Through exploring the potential of the waste products of local industries, team members Julia Knutas, Anna Gudmundsdottir, Sonja Signäs, Maja Lindh, Oskar Olsson, Hanna Säll and Matilda Ulvbielke enable their projects to tell unique stories. Their approach is shaped by the features of the raw material, which guide the whole design process.