In the buildings we use, whether they are for work, living, learning or healing, the shape of spaces and the nature of materials greatly affect how we percieve sound. Modern architecture is often characterised by materials such as glass, concrete and steel that can lead to uncomfortable noise.

To meet this challenge, Kvadrat Acoustics collaborate with architects and designers to create aesthetically outstanding spaces with perfect sound control, using the inherent properties of beautiful textiles - from office spaces where people feel undisturbed yet part of something grand, to auditoria that leave audiences spellbound.

Define your acoustic need

To help you find the optimal Kvadrat Acoustics solution for your project, here you’ll find space-specific guidance on acoustics and specification – as well as an acoustic glossary by internationally recognized researcher in the field of architectural acoustics, Anders Christian Gade.

Different types of spaces have different roles and acoustic needs. Discover sound absorption insights, specification tips and reference cases relevant to your project.

Our solutions

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions elevate aural comfort and aesthetic quality, providing a solution to the acoustic challenges of modern architecture. Available in any freeform shape and over 200 colours, our acoustic panels cover acoustic absorption and reflection ranging from Class A to Class E per ISO 11654.

Like everything we offer, our acoustic panels are extensively tested. We can provide you with test results for acoustics, fire safety, CE marking, transparency, and textiles.


Learn more and realise your vision

Our solution includes personalised support from initial consultation to installation. This combines local insights, architectural expertise and other advantages and efficiencies of Kvadrat’s global network.