Soft Cells Baffles

Acoustic ceiling Baffles

The Soft Cells Baffle system is a product designed to meet the sound attenuation requirements of large gathering areas that do not allow for suspended ceilings or for areas that require additional sound absorptive materials.

Soft Cells Baffles are unique to the industry through the use of rigid aluminium frame extrusions allowing for meticulous detailing that results in a tailored appearance while maintaining constant rigidity throughout the baffle unit.

 Product features:

  • Suitable as free hanging panels and room dividers
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Can be constructed in custom sizes up to 1200 mm x 2400 mm
  • Endless colour options
  • Panels come ready on site

Section views

Textiles & colours

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions are available in a comprehensive selection of Kvadrat textiles, which come in a wide variety of sophisticated colours and styles. All have been tested for sound absorption according to EN ISO 354.

Kvadrat textiles reflect a commitment to colour, simplicity and innovation. They are created in collaboration with some of the world’s best designers, architects and artists.

Colours displayed digitally may vary slightly from actual product. Please request samples prior to ordering.

Test & certificates

Our acoustic solutions are objects to extensive testing. This includes test results covering acoustics, fire safety, CE marking, transparency and general textile information.