Soft Cells panel system

Acoustic ceiling- and wall panel system
Soft Cells pre-fabricated panels incorporate acoustic padding behind a textile layer. This model offers Class A and Class E broadband sound absorption as per ISO 1165, and absorption for low and mid-range frequencies.  

Soft Cells acoustic panels bring acoustic comfort, aesthetic excellence and tactile surfaces into a space. In doing so, they provide a solution to the acoustic challenges of modern architecture and promote productivity.

Depth of installation
Min. 55 mm

Min. 200 mm / Max. 6000 mm

Tensioning mechanism
The patented tensioning mechanism in Soft Cells panels keeps the fabric under constant tension by suspension springs, creating a drum-skin effect. This prevents sagging.

Folds and creases around corners are eliminated by a special insert, which secures the excess fabric. Importantly, this does not affect the natural movement of the textile.

End caps
You can create a polished look with end caps by covering the small gap between the installed Soft Cells panel and the wall.

Panel components 

Made from premium materials, the components of Soft Cells panels are designed to combine exceptional durability and aesthetic excellence. The patented tensioning mechanism inside Soft Cells panels ensures they are unaffected by temperature or humidity. Hence, the tensioning mechanism ensures that the Soft Cells panels stay pristine for years.