Soft Cells Reflective panel

Textile covered acoustic reflector panels

Soft Cells Reflective panels incorporate a reflective plate behind a textile layer. Typically, this model offers Class-E sound absorption (high reflection), as per ISO 11654.

Particularly well suited to:

  • Spaces where speech / sound needs projection in a specific direction, eg. close to a speaker in a conference room or in a music hall above the orchestra.
  • Spaces that feature advanced acoustic design with both reflective and absorbing panels in combination with one consistant surface/appearance
  • Combining reflective (hard) acoustic properties with the aesthetic soft and tactile textile surface choices of Kvadrat Acoustics solutions.

Depth of panel
49 mm

Depth of installation 
Depends on mounting method

Min. 200 mm / Max. 6000 mm

Section view

The patented tensioning mechanism inside Soft Cells panels ensures they are unaffected by temperature or humidity for years. 


Panel components

Made from premium materials, the components in Soft Cells panels are designed to combine exceptional durability and aesthetic excellence.


Tensioning mechanism
The patented tensioning mechanism in Soft Cells panels keeps the fabric under constant tension by suspension springs, creating a drum-skin effect. This prevents sagging.

Folds and creases around corners are eliminated by a special insert, which secures the excess fabric. Importantly, this does not affect the natural movement of the textile.

End caps
You can create a polished look with end caps by covering the small gap between the installed Soft Cells panel and the wall.


55 mm

Max. 3000 mm, in one piece

Textiles and colours

Kvadrat Acoustics solutions are available in a comprehensive selection of Kvadrat textiles, which come in a wide variety of sophisticated colours and styles. All have been tested for sound absorption according to EN ISO 354.

Kvadrat textiles reflect a commitment to colour, simplicity and innovation. They are created in collaboration with some of the world’s best designers, architects and artists.

Tests & certificates

Our acoustic solutions are objects to extensive testing. This includes test results covering acoustics, fire safety, CE marking, transparency and general textile information.