25H Hotel Dubai


Woods Bagot Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


72 units of Soft Cells Broadline panels by Kvadrat Acoustics were installed on the ceiling of the hotel main lobby, covering a total of 189 m2 (9 x 21 meters).

A piece of art, ‘Under the Same Sky’ by Dominik Bulka, is HD printed on the panels. It is inspired by the constellations in the sky and interpreting them from a humorous, light-hearted point of view.

The large single Soft Cells Broadline panels were chosen to give an acoustically comfortable environment (they provide a Class A sound absorption, NRC = 1), while creating an aesthetically clean look with a minimal amount of panel joints.

They enable the architect to seamlessly integrate 119 opening for LED lights, speakers, smoke detectors, sprinklers, emergency lights, etc, while allowing easy access to all the service channels behind the panels.


Designed by Woods Bagot Dubai, 25hours Hotel Dubai is the first 25hours hotel in the Middle East. Overlooking the Museum of the Future, near Dubai International Financial Centre, the 25hours Hotel Dubai boasts 434 rooms and suites in addition to flexible events and co-working space.

“Storytelling was the foundation of creating this charming and soulful place. Reviving the story of ancient Nomad travellers, our aim was to create a place with local ambience, which speaks to your heart easily and becomes your home naturally,” says Aleksandra Nastic, senior Associate and interior design lead at Woods Bagot.

Creating a design experience that is “memorable and authentic” was at the heart of the project, with Wood Bagot’s interiors team working closely with its creative arm, the Extra Hour Lab and the 25Hours Hotel CEO, Christoff Hoffman. Playing on the idea of nomadism, the design references the lifestyle of the Bedouins of the region as well as the modern traveller.

Imagery by White Cube Studios