JLL Design Solutions

Singapore, Financial centre

2018 / 2023

Before: Kvadrat Acoustics solution comprising Soft Cells acoustic panels upholstered with textile Casa and installed with ceiling magnets.

After: Kvadrat Acoustics solution reused in new location and reupholstered with new fabric, Mi Casa, installed with wires.

CO2 reduction
By repurposing 6 acoustic panels within a fresh office environment, a remarkable 83% reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved compared to the manufacture and installation of new panels.

Sustainable adaption

An international law firm has embraced a sustainable approach for revamping their offices at Ocean Financial Centre in Singapore. Initially, in 2018, they incorporated Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cells panels as part of their board meeting room design. However, for their 2023 interior update, the firm chose to reuse these panels and re-upholster them, showcasing their commitment to more sustainable building design. By reusing the acoustic panels, the company reduced CO2 emissions by remarkable 83% compared to emissions from manufacturing and installing new panels. 

Soft Cells acoustic panels remained a vital element of the meeting room's acoustic solution throughout the renovation process. The number and dimensions of the acoustic panels were adjusted to align with the new interior vision, highlighting the flexibility of the Soft Cells panels. The panels were wire-installed on the ceiling in the new location, and all of them were reupholstered with Mi Casa fabric, replacing the previous textile, Casa.

Furthermore, the reusing endeavour incorporated a custom design feature to maintain a clean and streamlined aesthetic. A custom drop-down ceiling microphone was integrated above the centre of the meeting room table. This bespoke design not only met functional requirements but also enhanced the visually appealing ambiance of the new office.

The decision to reuse the Soft Cells acoustic panels was driven by the law firm's commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of the office updates. Soft Cells acoustic panels are designed to be reupholstered and reused for maximum longevity, as they are easily detachable and contain no hard-to-divide parts. By reusing these panels, the law firm breathed new life into them and created a fresh expression for their updated office space and meeting room.

We are reusing Soft Cells (acoustic panels) from existing office in new boardroom. We strongly believe reducing, reusing, and recycling waste helps save landfill space by keeping useful materials out. Soft Cells that we are reusing perfectly help to fit in new office design.” - Vernie Kon, Senior Designer at JLL Design Solutions.

By reusing the Soft Cells acoustic panels and implementing sustainable design choices, the international law firm demonstrated their commitment to environmental responsibility in their office update.

Office space before renovation - 2018