Editions les Arènes

Mathilde Bretillot Créations

Paris, France


Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics on the walls. Kvadrat Roller Blinds as window covering.
Editions les Arènes has been significantly refurbished by Mathilde Bretillot Créations. The interior, which features wooden floors together with glass and tactile textile surfaces, comprises a number of social and intimate private areas.
Custom Soft Cells panels on the walls of meeting rooms provide an essential role in facilitating the often-hushed conversations between staff and journalists, which can explore extremely sensitive topics.

Furthermore Kvadrat Roller Blinds have been used throughout the spaces to accommodate the need of a technical and yet aesthetic solution for window coverings.

Kvadrat has an excellent and beautiful range of fabrics. It is great to be able to use products that provides a technical solution, as well as sensitive and sensual feel,” Mathilde Bretillot, Founder, Mathilde Bretillot Créations.

Editions les Arènes is a French publishing house behind a catalogue of bestsellers books and magazines. The company’s offices in Paris are at 27 rue Jacob, the historic seat of the publishers, Éditions du Seuil.