M Moser Associates

Shenzhen, China

August 2020 - The Cloud conceptual booth
November 2020 – Living Lab, M Moser Shenzhen office

Custom and standard Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cells panels installed on walls and ceilings at a conceptual booth and, subsequently, reused in a working office.

M Moser Associates

Resonant reuse

A Kvadrat Acoustics solution, initially employed in a forward-thinking exhibition exploring the future of work, has been reused in a visionary office project. In this way, it points to new opportunities for collaborative workspaces and circular building design.

Soft Cells panels are designed to be reupholstered and reused for maximum longevity. Originally, they were specified for a concept created for Shenzhen Creative Week entitled the Cloud: A Resonating Space. This booth incorporated healing RESET, stimulating CO-CREATE, and social CONNECT spaces addressing wellbeing, drive, creativity, and strengthening community bonding.

The Kvadrat Acoustics solution made a significant impact on how the spaces were experienced and, at the same time, helped to meet a core challenge of exhibition spaces: how to create the impression of lasting value and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Following the exhibition, the acoustic Soft Cells panels were disassembled and reused at the Shenzhen Living Lab in a real-life implementation of the exhibition concept. Together, they contribute to a design approach that embraces flexibility, collaboration, autonomy, sociability, wellbeing, and sustainability.

The Soft Cells acoustic panels installed adjacent to workstations reduce reverberation and support collaboration. In addition, some of the panels were reconfigured to fit new locations at the Living Lab.

Robert Dani, Associate Director of Design, M Moser shared: “Designers aspire to work with beautiful, high-quality materials as they are the building blocks to materialise the designs we envision. The solutions from Kvadrat Acoustics provided us with tools to create functional and beautiful environments for our clients. And we trust they stand the test of time.”

The architect’s focus on sustainable design with the Living Lab has resulted in several environmental certifications. The office is WELL Health-Safety rated has been recognised with WELL v2 pilot Gold status and LEED v4 Gold.


The Cloud conceptual booth -

August 2020

Living Lab, M Moser Shenzhen office - November 2020