PwC Offices at Tower 185

Professor Christoph Mäckler at Architekten

Frankfurt, Germany
A Kvadrat Acoustics solution has been chosen for the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) offices at Tower 185, an iconic skyscraper in the Gallus district of Frankfurt.

PwC is the anchor tenant in the building, which is the fourth tallest in Germany. Their offices cover 60,000 sqm and are designead around a colourful interior concept, which was developed with acoustic conditioning as a key consideration.

The architects opted for Soft Cells panels as they could be tailored to perfectly complement the design concept, while guaranteeing an optimal working environment.

A total of 325 Soft Cells Broadline panels, in a variety of different versions, are installed with magnets. The panels are located in conference rooms and the auditorium where acoustic conditions are particularly important.


Photography by Constantin Meyer