Specifying your Kvadrat Acoustics solution

Today's modern architecture is often characterised by materials, such as glass, concrete and steel, that can lead to distracting and uncomfortable noise. The acoustic solutions of Kvadrat Acoustics allow you to overcome this challenge while enhancing aesthetic quality, productivity and well-being.

Our team will help you tailor your project through personalised support from initial consultation to installation. Specifying your Kvadrat Acoustics solution usually involves three overall processes that include defining the acoustic need, selecting textile and specifying aesthetic options. Explore these processes in the following sections. 

Timeless Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics elevate the acoustic, aesthetic and thermal quality of spaces. Our solutions are used to promote productivity and well-being in iconic buildings across the world. Available in any freeform shape and over 200 textile colours, Kvadrat Acoustics solutions offer infinite creative flexibility and exceptional longevity. Backed by market-leading 10 year warranty and expert end-to-end service, our solutions stay pristine for years.

Whatever your design vision, wherever your project, there is a custom Kvadrat Acoustics solution.