Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics offer a choice of versatile installation systems for walls and ceilings that are easy to install and reinstall on any surface.

We offer flexible installation with our pre-fabricated- and on-site solutions that cater to different design visions, needs and different local fire and building regulations. 

Pre-fabricated solutions installation

Pre-fabricated Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics incorporate an acoustic absorbent behind a textile layer. The frames are made with a minimum of 44% recycled aluminium and the acoustic absorbent are made with 46.4% recycled mineral wool. They include a patented tensioning mechanism, which ensures they are unaffected by temperature or humidity for many years.

The Soft Cells panels offer a choice of versatile installation systems for walls and ceilings via magnet fixtures, wires and hinged push/latch.



On-site solutions installation

Soft Cells Tracks provide an aesthetically pleasing acoustic solution to wall finishes and flexibility with on-site fabricated installation. The system stretches textile over a frame with semi-rigid acoustic padding integrated in it. The frame's integrated leaf spring keeps the textile tight under varying temperature- and humidity conditions over time. 

Soft Cells Tracks are built and installed on-site, ensuring they always fit perfectly. This approach provides great flexibility. If required, adjustments can easily be made before installation to suit updated measurements or needs. The design allows for freeform curves, decorative reveals or three- dimensional surfaces.

Soft Cells Tracks are installed by our team of trained professionals, who can advise on the mounting and necessary substrate for our solutions.

Installation systems for pre-fabricated solutions

Pre-fabricated Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics use a versatile installation system. The frames are fully detachable and offer easy access, without having to fully remove the panel.

Standard magnet

Flex magnet for concealed solutions

Steel wire suspension

Hinge and pushlatch

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