Today's modern architecture is often characterised by materials, such as glass, concrete and steel, that can lead to distracting and uncomfortable noise. The acoustic solutions of Kvadrat Acoustics allow you to overcome this challenge while enhancing aesthetic quality, productivity and well-being.

Our solution offer a wide variety of possibilities that can accommodate your acoustic needs.

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics bring acoustic comfort into a space, providing a solution to the acoustic challenges of modern architecture. 
Our Soft Cells panels cover acoustic absorption and reflection ranging from Class A to Class E per ISO 11654.

Our acoustic solutions are objects to extensive testing. This includes test results of acoustics, fire safety, CE marking, transparency and general textile information. 

Why acoustics matter in your space

Hearing is a crucial tool for navigating our society and environment. Sounds and hearing enable language, language enables our social and intellectual development. In the buildings we use, whether they are for work, living, music, learning or healing, the shape of spaces and the nature of materials affect how we perceive sound.


Good acoustics can improve:
- Task motivation by over 60% 1  
- Ability to focus on tasks by more than 40% 2
- Mental arithmetic performance by 20% 3  
- Performance during concentration demanding tasks with up to 50% 4

Good acoustics can reduce:
- Adrenaline levels by 30% 5  
- Stress levels by 27% 6
- Conversational distractions by more than 50% 7  
- Error rates by 10% 8

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