Kvadrat Acoustics solutions aim to achieve the optimal balance between recyclability, longevity, and functionality. As a result, they are ideal for you as architect and designer seeking to optimise the sustainability of buildings.

The panels are designed to be easily disassembled. This makes it simpler to recycle them, and therefore prolong, the life of the components. They can be disassembled into separate materials of three recycling categories for minimal waste: Metal, Textile, Mineral Wool*. Furthermore, there’s no glue, or other leftovers, parts that are hard to divide. 

The panels are 80,15% recyclable and our suppliers have the ambition of making all material recyclable by 2024*. 

*Source: Aarhus Affaldsvarme

Disassembling your Soft Cells panels

Our panels are designed to be easily disassembled. The panels can be disassembled and sorted in material types ready to recycle. We supply guidance on disassembling our panels.

Recycling your Soft Cells panels

Soft Cells panels – which incorporate 44% recycled aluminium and 64% recycled mineral wool – are designed for simple recycling. Our recycle guide explains how you can disassemble them and sort the materials to be used again in new products.

Recycling facilities vary between different municipalities and countries. Please check with your local authority to discover your options.

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