Made to last

At Kvadrat, we always strive to apply the best materials to offer textiles that will last for years. Polyester is a technical fibre enabling us to design textiles that have exceptional longevity. Due to their durability, polyester textiles are ideal for high-traffic applications. Besides excellent endurance, polyester offers outstanding functional performance and a lightfastness that provides a long-lasting and unique colour expression.

From waste to weave

On our journey to become a circular company, we are steadily transitioning away from virgin polyester to recycled polyester. We aim to offer 85 recycled products by 2025. These will contribute 30% of our revenue. Derived from post-consumer waste, the recycled polyester we use for several of our upholsteries enables us to have a significantly lower environmental impact and grants us to be responsible in the use of resources. 

It is our belief that longevity is at the core of sustainable design and following our Conscious Design Principles, our polyester textiles are made using only the best raw materials that have the least possible impact on the environment.

Steelcut Beat by Giulio Ridolfo

Crafted according to Conscious Design principles, as it is constructed by 100% recycled yarns, Steelcut Beat is the latest iteration of our long collaboration with Giulio Ridolfo.

The textile is a durable checked upholstery coming into different size checks, ‘ribbon’ and ‘grid’. The vibrant colours in combination with the materiality of the pattern create a distinctive eye-cathing effect.

Reflect by Patricia Urquiola 

Made from recycled polyester, Reflect has a natural expression and a particularly tactile touch. Initially appearing as monochromatic, the textiles reveals a dense diagonal weave that combines two different colours. Its twill woven construction – identical to that of Relate – subtly references the world of fashion and captures a sense of movement.

The versatile palette for Reflect comprises 35 colourways and expresses confident colour combinations by matching warm notes with closely related nuances.

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