NeM Architectes

Paris, France

Spring 2021

Furniture pieces made of Textile Board.

NeM Architectes worked closely together with Tadao Ando on the renovation of the Bourse de Commerce in Paris, and its transformation from a former stock exchange to a museum of contemporary art.

The central idea underlying the restoration was inspired by the dialogue between contemporary elements and an upgrading of what already existed. The architecture expresses this tension through a sense of nudity in order to showcase the collection. The museum spaces were designed to be adaptable so they could skilfully accommodate different artistic media and practices. In light of this, the customary furniture pieces needed to be light, independent, nomadic and understated. Our Textile Board was chosen as it meets these requirements perfectly, merging flawlessly into the nuances of grey that can be seen on the plaster, terrazzo, and concrete surfaces throughout the museum.

The furniture pieces made out of Really meet many different requirements. They act as shelves, lockers, reception desks, displays, dispensers – with all these functions collated into a unique and simple design, parallelepipeds where the design when assembled is highlighted through its simplicity and the versatility of the materials enabling very simple items to be created that can adapt to different uses and degrees of technicality.


“In its practical work, NeM Architectes favours the pursuit of formal minimalism liberated from all technical excesses where the materials express their very nature directly and with authenticity.”

Thibault Marca, partner and architect at NeM Architectes.