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Copenhagen, Berlin, and Hamburg


Chair constructed from Textile Board

Hot seat

Progressive clothing brand SHAPING NEW TOMORROW have co-created a chair crafted from Textile Board, which contains recycled clothing that their customers have returned. The chair will feature in the company’s stores in Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Berlin.

The upcycled chair illustrates the strength and versatility of Textile Board. Furthermore, it also embodies SHAPING NEW TOMORROW’s core values of sustainable fashion, comfort, and aesthetics. Like the clothes the company designs, the chair is designed to last longer than trends and seasons.

Quote (Jackb Slot, Head of Store Design & Expansion): “We worked together with Kvadrat and Really to create a circular loop as a prerequisite for a circular economy. Through our collaboration, we can upcycle end-of-life textiles and make sustainability concrete, visible and a pleasure for our customers, employees, and business partners.”

SHAPING NEW TOMORROW started life in 2015 and set out to change conventional thinking about menswear. The idea of sustainability as a journey, not a destination, is foundational at the company.