Textile Board table and room dividers were used at the Mads Nørgaard shop on Copenhagen’s Strøget, for a visionary project focusing on circular fashion and sustainability. A collaboration between Really and Mads Nørgaard, this was entitled ‘3 Days of Repair.’

For 3 Days of Repair, the shop was transformed into a pop-up store, where people could bring old clothes to be fixed by a seamstress. If their garment turned out to be beyond repair, they were invited to donate it to Really for recycling.

Made from upcycled end-of-life textiles, the Textile Board furniture showed visitors how their old jeans and t-shirts could become a viable material – with the potential to be recycled again and again.

Lasting throughout Denmark’s 3 Days of Design event, Three Days of Repair showcased how circular thinking can be translated into practical solutions now. It also highlighted how forward-thinking brands can mitigate the significant environmental impact of the fashion industry – while creating beautiful in-store concepts.

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