Create thermal comfort with metallised textiles

Large windows, a typical feature of contemporary architecture, reduce thermal comfort. On sunny days the sun will heat up the interior considerably. With our Kvadrat Shade roller blind solutions, you can meet these challenges, and create the optimal indoor climate in every space you design.

Our collection of metallised roller blind textiles provide thermal comfort by providing control over heat – regardless of the chosen colour. 

Solar and heat protection in summer

Our metallised textiles are the solution for spaces with a lot of windows, where it can get uncomfortably hot in summer. Sunlight enters through the windows and the indoor temperature quickly rises. The reflective layer on our metallised textiles blocks solar radiation and prevents heat build-up, keeping the interior pleasantly cool – even in summer.

Insulating in winter

When it is cold outside, a lot of heat is lost through windows, even in modern buildings with HR++ or triple-glazing. Our metallised textiles act as an extra layer of insulation and emits little heat. The aluminium layer that reflects sunlight in summer, keeps the warmth in during winter.

Enjoy thermal comfort while saving on energy consumption

Metallised textiles reduce the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer, and therefore diminish energy consumption up to 25%*. The less energy used, the lower the carbon emissions; contributing to a sustainable future.

Our metallised textiles are independently verified as an equivalent alternative to outdoor solar shading: in the summer the metallised textiles reflect sunlight, keeping indoor temperatures from rising rapidly. In the winter, the aluminium layer acts as an insulator to reduce heat loss and keep heat inside.

*Source: Based on dynamic simulations by using Parasol – Lund University

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