Energy savings indicator

Kvadrat Shade metallised textiles enhance visual and thermal comfort, and can reduce your heating and cooling costs – as well as your CO2 emissions – substantially. They prevent heat entering your premises during summer, and stop heat from escaping through uncovered windows in the winter period, thereby reducing the heat gain into a building by 50% or more.

Our roller blind solutions can support you to meet energy-efficiency targets. These include the Paris Sustainability goals, as well as criteria for BREEAM and LEED.

Use the Energy Saving Indicator* to discover which Kvadrat Shade metallised textile will deliver optimal thermal comfort and energy-efficiency for your space(s). It will also calculate future energy savings and carbon footprint reductions.

*Verified by third-party institutes

Insulation and solar heat gain calculations are performed in WIS 3.0.1.SP2 in compliance with EN-ISO 52022-3 algorithms and are based on annual Solar irradiations and thermal heat flow through the fenestration.
Local meteorological data and cost of electricity are based on yearly averages.
COP of the air conditioning/heat pump in these calculations is 3.