Interior solutions for a better working environment

Danfoss Global Service and HOLMRIS B8

Hamburg, Germany

Upholsteries: Steelcut Trio, Tonus, Divina Melange, Sunniva, Balder and Rime
Kvadrat Shade roller blinds: Apo
Soft Cells acoustic panels

With its broad portfolio of products and solutions, Danfoss is helping to reduce global emissions and limit climate change.

The Danfoss office is located in Columbus Haus which is situated at the Port of Hamburg. It is one of the most eye-catching office buildings in the Hanseatic city. The most characteristic feature of the building is the 20-storey round tower standing on a plinth. The Columbus House offers a total of 18,000 square metres of office space. There is also a viewing platform from which visitors can enjoy a unique view of the Elbe, the harbour and the Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

From Danfoss, the desire was to be able to control heat and light, as well as improving acoustics for employees. With these improvements, they are trying to entice their own employees to make use of the facilities provided, which offer new ways to work dynamically and facilitate knowledge sharing.

To meet these needs, Kvadrat Shade blinds were installed on the inward-facing windows in the offices. Our high performance metallised textile Apo is installed in the Kvadrat Shade roller blinds. With this textile, an environment is created that eliminates heat and glare, and promotes concentration and focus. The metallised textile also offers good acoustic performance.

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