Hvinningdal Kirke

Friis & Moltke

Silkeborg, Denmark

Upholsteries: Hallingdal 65
Kvadrat Shade roller blinds with Clearview textile

The church of Hvinningdal in Silkeborg, Denmark, is designed as a single-storey, angular building consisting of multiple spaces. One space embraces the so-called "near" and the other space has a viewing area that focuses on the wide view. In these spaces, room is provided for contemplation and reflection. In the church, a Kvadrat Shade window covering solution creates a pleasant indoor climate while it maintains a good and clear view to the outside.

The church has two rooms that tend to get too hot because of the southern sun, and the west-facing foyer is affected as well. It’s essential to keep the indoor temperature comfortable in both summer and winter. We achieve this by using ventilation, cooling, and heating systems. It’s clear that we need a solution that can create a comfortable indoor temperature as well as it helps save energy.

Peter Voldstedlund (Friis & Moltke): “In our search for the right product, we discovered the Clearview (formerly Niesen) metallised blind from Kvadrat, which thanks to its metallised surface could effectively support the concept and at the same time reflect the light before it turns into heat.”

In addition, ventilation between the textile and the glazing has been used to maximise the performance of the Clearview textile, and to reduce the heat gain even further.

An additional benefit of these textiles lies in their ability to provide daytime privacy without obstructing your view to the outside. This is because of the reflective aluminium layer on the back of the textile: this blocks the view from outside to inside, while preserving your view from the inside. Furthermore, the aluminium backing of the roller blinds creates a uniform look.

To make it look as sleek as possible, architectural firm Friis & Moltke fully integrated and concealed the blinds in the ceiling.

Peter Voldstedlund (Friis & Moltke): “We had an excellent collaboration with Kvadrat and were able to demonstrate the blind in full size for the client.”

The rooms have now been in use for a full year and are functioning to everyone’s satisfaction.