At Kvadrat Shade, we seek to drive the transformation towards circular building design. To achieve this ambition, we follow Conscious Design Principles, support decarbonisation, and provide transparency through impact documentation.

The innovative, long-lasting solutions we create in collaboration with our partners open opportunities for positive change and support the 17 UN sustainability goals. At the same time, they elevate quality of space, inspire wellbeing, and provide exceptional creative flexibility.

If we are to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, driving the transition towards net-zero buildings is essential. Building operations - specifically the energy used for heating, cooling and lighting - are responsible for 28% of annual global CO2 emissions*.

The impact documentation and third-part verifications we offer show how you can use our solutions to strengthen the sustainability credentials of your project. Specifically, they evidence how to heighten energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and meet criteria for Green Building schemes, such as BREEAM and LEED.

*ABC Global Status Report 2018


The potential circularity of a solution begins at the design stage. Therefore, in everything we do, we follow Conscious Design Principles to accelerate positive change, support responsible business practice, and drive progress towards a net-zero economy.

We are committed to creating solutions that elevate quality of spaces and drive the transition towards lower-emission buildings – which is essential for meeting the decarbonisation goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Furthermore, we aim to bring transparency to everything we do with comprehensive impact documentation. Finally, we collaborate closely with our suppliers to create innovative solutions that support the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.