Kvadrat wool textiles

At Kvadrat, woollen textiles exemplify our dedication to high quality, longevity, and sustainable design. Through close collaborations with celebrated designers, we have established ourselves as leaders in woollen textile colours and design. Our wool collection embodies the perfect fusion of artistic vision, environmental consciousness, and timeless elegance.

Benefits of wool

Wool is a versatile and remarkable natural fibre characterized by extraordinary qualities, unique properties and benefits for diverse applications in various industries.


One of the main characteristics of wool is its remarkable durability. Its inherent strength allows wool textiles to withstand years of use, resisting wrinkles and creases. Additionally, wool textiles possess excellent elasticity, enabling them to stretch without losing their form, ultimately enhancing their longevity.

Comfort and breathability

Wool possesses exceptional insulating properties, making it an ideal choice for both cold and hot climates. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool can absorb and release moisture without losing its insulating properties, ensuring comfort and breathability.

Sustainable and Renewable 

Wool is a regenerative fibre, which aligns with our commitment to minimising our environmental impact. Our wool is sourced from suppliers adhering to ethical and sustainable farming practices. Furthermore, our production processes prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the use of eco-friendly processes. Lastly, considering recyclability, at Kvadrat we consistently focus on wool’s circular potential.

Naturally resistant to dirt

When it comes to dirt and stains, wool stands out as a superior fibre with inherent dirt-repellent properties. Wool has a water-repelling surface that prevents it to get permanently stained. This characteristic sets wool apart from other types of fibres, making it an excellent choice for various applications where cleanliness and longevity are paramount.

Naturally flame retardant

Unlike synthetic fibres, which drip or melt when exposed to fire, wool has a high ignition temperature and does not easily catch fire. Moreover, when exposed to flames, the outer layer of wool fibres burns, forming a protective layer of charred material that acts as a barrier, slowing down the combustion process.

Antimicrobial properties

Wool has renowned antimicrobial properties. which effectively inhibit the growth and spread of various microorganisms, including mould, mildew, bacteria, and viruses. However, it is crucial to maintain the textile as dry as possible, as water plays a pivotal role in the interaction between wool fibres and microbes.

Our classics

Discover our collection of timeless wool classics that encompass iconic designs and fresh colour options.

Mindful production

To safeguard the high quality of our woollen textiles and to support our desire to continuously innovate our processes, we require close collaboration with our production partners. Hence, we co-own our leading mills, Wooltex in the United Kingdom and Innvik in Norway, which produce 80% of our woollen textiles.  Moreover, we continuously strive to ensure our partners align with our sustainable development agenda.

Conscious Design Principles

Kvadrat is deeply rooted in design culture and maintains an uncompromising focus on quality. Since our foundation in 1968, we have concentrated on developing products that combine the best quality materials with extraordinary design. For us, quality and design go hand in hand with sustainability. Sustainable solutions are considered for all stages of the process – from sourcing of raw materials and processing to textile design and production, to use and after-life re-purpose.