LOYALTY by Adam Linder

Around the world, ballet still presents itself as focused on grace, control and discipline. Such elements are deeply inscribed throughout the works of choreographer and former ballet dancer Adam Linder, as the language and codes of classical ballet are part of his DNA. After showing his work extensively in theatres and exhibitions internationally, including Sadler's Wells in London and MOMA in New York amongst others, he returned to his formative experiences in the performing arts - the ballet.

In LOYALTY, Linder transposes the vocabulary of ballet into the 21st century by pursuing fresh approaches to the form’s technique and cultural codes. He lovingly seeks to shake up the stage form, which has remained unchanged for centuries, and to free it from dust and rigidity. Kvadrat supported this performance with Divina 3 for the dramatic backdrop. Working together with five world-class dancers, Linder created a hybridized classical physicality that manifests a contemporary sense for composition and criticality. Performed in three acts set to the music of the British Avant-garde band Coil, the new ballet weaves virtuosity, theatricality and abstraction to meditate on the power dynamics inscribed in the genre of classical ballet.

Exhibition dates:
October 2021

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm

Jarrestraße 20,


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