Metallised curtains

Metallised curtain textiles are high-performance window coverings providing extensive control over light, glare, privacy, and thermal comfort, whilst draping to elegant effect and creating uniform facades.

To achieve their outstanding reflectance performance, an ultra-thin layer of aluminium is applied to one side of the curtain textile. The advanced technical backing effectively reflects sunlight to keep an interior cool in the summer, it works as an insulating layer in the winter to keep warmth in. This gives the potential to reduce heating and cooling costs, and CO2 emissions.

Our metallised textiles are ideal for offices and commercial spaces, as they allow daylight to come through, whilst supporting daytime privacy. They are also fire-retardant.

Thermal comfort

Our metallised textiles are the perfect solution for spaces with a lot of windows, where it can get uncomfortably hot in summer. Sunlight enters through the windows and the indoor temperature quickly rises. The reflective layer on our metallised textiles blocks solar radiation and prevents heat build-up, keeping the interior pleasantly cool – even in summer.

When it is cold outside, a lot of heat is lost through windows, even in modern buildings. Our metallised textiles act as an extra layer of insulation and emits little heat. The aluminium layer that reflects sunlight in summer, keeps the warmth in during winter.

Visual comfort

Metallised textiles create visual comfort by providing control over light and glare, whilst maintaining good visual contact with the outside. With metallised textiles you can block blinding sunlight, and still enjoy the view and plenty of natural daylight.

Another distinctive advantage of our metallised textiles is that you maintain privacy during the day. This is due to the reflective aluminium layer: it blocks the view from outside to inside, while preserving your view of the outside.

The effect of metallised textiles

Metallised textiles reduce the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer due to the high reflection of the thin layer of aluminium. Offering good solar heat gain control (g-value) and insulation improvement (U-value), diminishing energy consumption. The less energy used, the lower the carbon emissions; contributing to a sustainable future.

Reflect collection

Reflect, a series of metallised curtain textiles, is a new category of high-performance window coverings from Kvadrat.