M/Meditation IN COPENHAGEN an exhibition by M/M (PARIS)

Kunstforeningen GL STRAND presents the work of the graphic design studio, M/M (PARIS) to the Danish audience for the first time, the exhibition invites visitors to enter their prolific œuvre, a wide-reaching practice that is both reflexive and subtly political in its reimagining of the codes by which culture is disseminated. As thinkers and practitioners of the image, Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, M/M’s founders, are now renowned for their sustained visual production and lasting collaborations across cultural fields. Drawing inspiration from the Copenhagen cityscape and the history of the building as a citizens’ centre, M/M have transformed two floors of GL STRAND into an immersive environment, combining an archive display, a study hall and a meditation space.

Densely illustrated carpets cover the floors and large printed cushions, created in collaboration with Kvadrat invite you to take a seat. On the walls hang more than 60 bus stand sized silkscreened posters, stretched out on canvas like a gallery of painted portraits. M/Meditation IN COPENHAGEN, crea¬ted specifically for GL STRAND, is a different take on a retrospective exhibition, in which the public can take off their shoes, take a nap, hang out and meet in conversation, while exploring the duo’s ever-expanding world.

Gl. Strand 48
1202 Copenhagen

Monday: Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am – 6pm
Thursday: 11am – 8pm

About GL Strand
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