Multiply explore fibres, materials, volumes through visionary manipulations of yarn dyeing, spinning, and folding techniques. Each design in the collection is infused with refined multidimensionality, resulting from the interaction between different materiality, weaving rhythm, and colours.


Fine lines and grids emerge and dissolve across the surfaces as the light changes.
The vibrant hues transform into prismatic nuances, and dense elements disappear into transparency.
The result is a collection that illuminates how small shifts can make all the difference.


Multiply integrates Sketches, a series of curtains designed by Inga Sempé, which evoke the delicate pencil and brush strokes of the acclaimed French designer’s artworks. The designs recall the sense of drawing, as they translate sequential bidimensional compositions into soft tactile patterns.


Through a visionary collaboration between our Creative Director Isa Glink and Inga Sempé, we conceived 16 curtains ranging from vibrant plains to sophisticated graphic designs in the Sketches series.

Throughout the design journey, Isa and Inga curated a selection of responsible materials, in alignment with our Conscious Design principles. The collection includes conventional and unconventional materials, such as linen, paper, recycled silk, and the luxurious TENCEL™ LUXE.



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