HOODS | Moritz Schmid

Two walls of different heights.

HOODS is an architectural element, which, in terms of expression, lies somewhere between a curtain and an upholstered form. When creating upholstery, the textile usually follows the form of the item. Fascinated by the characteristics of Canvas and the simple folds the textile creates from its own weight while hanging, I decided to start the other way around.

Out of the basic textile, a freestanding room divider emerges. Its contour lines are defined by a simple structure, the textile and gravity. Tailor-made oval covers composed of different colour fields of Canvas textile are draped in an informal way over board-roll structures. These walls are easy to move and position in the room. While they divide the space, the colour fields can also be seen as a background. The HOODS become a part of the space.

Moritz Schmid

Moritz Schmid studied product design at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel. He worked as a designer and projectleader in the studio of Alfredo Häberli. In 2008 he founded his own studio in Zurich. Since then he has worked in various fields of design, from furniture to tableware as well as exhibition design for international companies among others like Atelier Pfister, Glas Trösch, Kvadrat and Röthlisberger Kollektion. Some of his works has been awarded and feature in the collection of the Zurich Museum of Design.