"Jonathan has really embodied the Kvadrat spirit in the showroom, it is a space for our clients to meet, have conversations, work on projects, we will host workshops and exhibitions, it is a dynamic space."

Anders Byriel, CEO Kvadrat


Having collaborated with the company for many years, California-based industrial
designer Jonathan Olivares has translated Kvadrat´s culture, values, and mission into every aspect of the showroom. Designed as a workshop and a gallery, the space
itself is made up of multiple levels where Kvadrat´s novelties and cultural engagements can be experienced from several viewpoints. An interior evoking a ship or a vessel frames the second floor of the building: the catwalk is made from 100% recyclable solid aluminum plates.






"Vincent Van Duysen has created the perfect atmosphere for our residential brands, this is our first showroom in the US to showcase our complete offering in two environments."

Anders Byriel, CEO Kvadrat


The residential showroom adjacent to Jonathan Olivares's contract showroom was designed by Vincent Van Duysen Architects. As with Kvadrat's residential spaces in London, Paris, and Milan, the design follows the same library concept. 

While expressing the heritage and expertise of Kvadrat's residential brands, the interior of the residential showroom also draws inspiration from local sources: New York lofts. The residential showroom offers a unitary and multi-height space that integrates metal columns as free-standing elements that recall, but on a different scale, the archetypal loft spaces of Manhattan.


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