Founded in 2018, Convert is a Danish start-up born as a joint venture between Kvadrat and Moellerup Estate. The entire business is dedicated to supporting the UNs’ 12th sustainable development goal: ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Together with Convert, Kvadrat Really upcycles end-of-life textiles into premium-quality engineered products suitable for workspace and industrial applications. Produced on-site in Denmark, Kvadrat Really´s materials revitalise end-of-life textiles into viable material, which can be recycled again and again.

Kvadrat Really encourages innovative concepts that prolong the lifespan of textile resources. When designers and manufacturers use it responsibly, Kvadrat Really’s products can potentially be transformed again and made into new board for the next iteration. Kvadrat Really’s ambition is a no-waste solution.

Textile Tabletop is a durable circular material designed for all horizontal applications. It is crafted from end-of-life cotton and wool and is 100% recyclable. The input materials, and therefore the elegant colours for Textile Tabletop, consider current resource streams. 

Kvadrat Really collaborates with Convert to ensure the products maximise the use of resources, favouring ecologically friendly, organic, raw materials instead of virgin materials. The manufacturing process used does not involve the use of dyes, water, or toxic chemicals, and generates only recyclable waste.


Convert is located in Thisted, Denmark.

Convert A/S
Håndværkervej 3
7700 Thisted


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