Aegon Headquarters

Oth_architecten have chosen Kvadrat textiles for use throughout the renovation of the Aegon headquarters in the Hague.

The 40,000 square metre building has been redesigned to increase functionality and reflect a concept entitled ‘New Way of Working’. This supports Aegon’s corporate philosophy of transparency and leverages the latest technologies.

The building has been completely transformed: it is now lighter, the connection to surrounding is stronger, boundaries between departments are blurred and there are many spaces for informal discussions between staff members.

Furthermore, the routing has also been optimised. A key design feature is ‘the Boulevard’, a community environment in the form of a centre street, which connects all the different facilities.

The project comprised conference rooms, individual offices, a restaurant and a lounge, as well as a state-of-the-art learning centre including several classrooms, a sunken arena and an inspiration room. It was carried out in three stages to minimise disruption to staff members.

Divina and Divina Melange are the main textiles used for seating and wall panels in the conference room, offices, lounge area, restaurant and learning centre. They are also used on workstation screens and cabinets in workspaces. A portion of loose furniture in the lounge area is upholstered with Coda and Steelcut Trio.

The overall architectural appearance of the Aegon headquarters is defined, to a large extent, by the contrast between upholstered benches and cabinets, and the abundant use of travertine stone in the building.

Many kilometres of Kvadrat fabrics helped us to create both the aesthetic and acoustic atmosphere we envisioned. Kvadrat’s powerful colour schemes allowed us to give each floor – which is perfectly visible from the building’s central atrium – its own identity

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