Wiederverwandt Architecture and Design, Cologne

Hann. Münden, Germany

Upholstery in the restaurant: Plot, Memory and Remix.
Textile panels at the reception and bar: Plot, Memory, Remix and Canvas.
Curtains in the restaurant: Air 4 and Plot.

Biohotel Werratal

Architecture and design company Wiederverwandt has chosen Kvadrat textiles for the renovation of the Biohotel Werratal in Germany. They are used in the hotel’s eco-restaurant, as well as the reception area.

Sustainable materials, such as wood, clay, leather and natural textiles are used throughout the hotel, which creates a natural, pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the 80-seat restaurant has installed a sustainable wall heating system to provide warmth in the winter and comfortable temperatures in the summer.

The hotel’s commitment to the respectful and sustainable use of environmental resources is also reflected in their cuisine: the eco-restaurant attaches great importance to the use of organic, fresh and seasonal produce.

All the textiles in the restaurant and reception area are by Kvadrat. PlotMemory and Remix have been selected for seating and back cushions. Together with Canvas, they have also been used to create panels at the reception and the bar. The curtains in the restaurant are made from Air 4 and Plot. The colours of the fabrics link the areas where they are used.

We chose Kvadrat textiles, as Kvadrat attaches great importance to quality and sustainability. Colours and textures play a key role in our planning – the wall colours and the sustainable, natural materials we have used are varied and combine extremely well with the fabrics. The fact that Kvadrat’s aesthetic range worked so well with the materials we chose gave us great creative freedom,’ Wibke Schaeffer and Moritz Zielke, Co-founders at Wiederverwandt Architecture and Design

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