Maher Design

Gold Coast, Australia


Curtains: Kvadrat Maya

Escape Pods

Light Years Skin Studio (LYSS) offers clients LED skin therapy in a serene, sensuous environment. They receive treatment in custom-built pods enveloped in diaphanous curtains crafted from the Kvadrat textile Maya.

The curtains work with gentle lighting to create a private, soothing micro-retreat from the outside world. Visitors are encouraged to plug into music or a podcast and relax. The design of the pods, which are adjustable for size, has become a signature element of the LYSS brand.

LYSS brand values - quality treatment, personal interaction, and genuine care; environmental and community responsibility - underpin the interior concept.
The materials and colours are specified to provide a comfortable, warm, welcoming experience for every age and gender. And, at the same time, embody playful sophistication while feeling hygienic and efficient.

Geraldine Maher, Director of Maher Design: “Kvadrat epitomises design innovation and high quality. We chose Maya for its intricate textural weave and confident colour palette. The effect is one of cocooning the client, through the movement of the curtains and gentle screening of the world beyond.”

The layout of the space accommodates functional requirements in a compact 50 square metres. It comprises three separate LED treatment spaces, a treatment room with massage table, product display, point of sale, storage and a back of house preparation area. All the elements at the premises are custom designed.

Product display and point of sale are integrated into sculptural joinery that runs along the perimeter wall. This approach eschews traditional counter design to eliminate physical barriers and reinforce the LYSS ethos of openness and approachability.

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