Healing architecture

From bedrooms and lounge areas for the residents to the gym and dining area, SVR-ARCHITECTS integrated CastilloTwilightZuluZezeFrost Garden when transforming a former residential care center into the ultra-modern care facility Hof ter Schelde. Kvadrat Roller Blinds, which run from floor-to-ceiling, are fitted in offices and meeting rooms.

The interior concept relies on a diverse selection of textiles in all areas to create comfort and well-being. These are primarily in gentle, natural nuances, but the colour scheme also incorporates bolder, brighter notes.

Facing the demands of today
To meet growing demand from the local populace, Hof ter Schelde now offers a broader scope of functions related to care, as well as more housing units.

Following the inauguration of the new Revarté rehabilitation hospital, Hof ter Schelde decided to develop a new future vision for the Left Bank campus. This combines a 12,168 sqm rest and care home, which offers 155 beds, as well as a 2,000 sqm nursing home. 

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