Tengbom Arkitekter AB

Stockholm, Sweden


Around 40 textiles from Kvadrat as well as Drop by Febrik.

Home Work | EY HQ Stockholm

The LEED Platinum-winning EY Head Offices in Stockholm offices incorporate an expansive range of Kvadrat textiles in private, collaborative, and social spaces. They work towards the overarching goal of “creating a workplace of the future.”

The textiles are crafted from a range of natural materials, including in the case of Re-wool recycled wool, which contributes towards LEED accreditation. They are specified in a scale of tones ranging from neutral to subtly outspoken. Several are custom-made to meet specific functional needs and the requirement for uniqueness.

Furniture at the offices is from leading Scandinavian and international brands. Sofas and sofa modules are upholstered in San, Re-Wool, Remix 3, Maple, Fjord 2, Foss, Canvas, Melange Nap, Rime, Molly and Hallingdal 65.

Armchairs, swivel armchairs and mini armchairs are upholstered in Remix 3, Glow, Merit, Memory 2, Fjord, Maple, and Drop by Febrik. Stackable office chairs are covered in Memory 2, while swivel chairs are finished in Remix 3 and Re-wool. In the canteen, Vidar is used for the dining chairs.

Furthermore, acoustically optimised table screens for worktables feature a selection of textiles in assorted colours, helping to personalise each desk. These are Recheck, Remix Screen and Floyd Screen.

Sofia Dahlén, Head of the Design Team: “We used a number of Kvadrat textiles for the new EY head office in Stockholm due to the high demands for quality, design and sustainability.”

The interior concept at the EY Head Offices in Stockholm unites connectivity, innovation, multifunctionality while offering spaces with a living-room-like atmosphere. It also draws on the spirit of the locality: Stockholm is known as the City of Islands.

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