Munich, Germany


Soft Cells ceiling panels covered with Plot. Vitra and Gubi furniture upholstered with Harald 2, Basel and Hallingdal 65 and a mix of Merger and Bold rugs

A human office concept

RBSGROUP were given the task to provide Investa with a new home and developed a design concept accordingly. Soft Cells panels, covered with Plot in a variety of colours, are installed in ceilings to optimise acoustic conditions. Furniture from Vitra and Gubi is upholstered with Harald 2Basel and Hallingdal 65. Five Kvadrat rugs, a mix of Merger and Bold, are also used at the headquarters.

In order to meet the customers‘ high expectations regarding quality, design and room acoustics, it was agreed to use Kvadrat’s Soft Cells system. We created exciting accents within the rooms by implementing the Kvadrat textile Plot in various colours, which worked in harmony with the overall colour scheme,” Jennifer Brunn & Alexander Strub, Creative Directors, RBSGROUP.

Throughout the project, great attention was paid to considering the cross-thematic values of Investa Real Estate and translating them into brand-specific design opportunities.

Reflecting this, the 5-storey building offers ample space for collaboration, social encounters and individual work. Its defining traits are the targeted use of colour, haptic high-quality materials, an abundance of light, spatial zoning and upscale construction.

Investa Real Estate has developed real estate in Germany for 45 years. In 2017 the company moved into a new headquarters named “Investa House”, a turn of the century villa, in Munich’s Bogenhausen district.

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